Who are we?

MM Travel & Tours was founded by the two brothers who’s last name is Matras, when they were tired of their more typical, everyday jobs. While Magnus was spending his days at an oil rig in Norway, Harry remained at home in the Faroe Islands studying. The realization came between the two of them that it was time to take advantage of the beauty of their home, and combine it with something they love. Their passion for the culture of the Faroe Islands and its beautiful, dramatic scenery is on full display through out each of their tours.

In addition to Harry & Magnus, the full team is made up of some other professional tour guides & drivers from all corners of the Faroe Islands.

Harry K. Matras

Harry K. Matras serves as a guide on most tours. He is very knowledgeable about the Faroe Islands and always happy to provide any extra info about any topic really .

Magnus H. Matras

Magnus is doing a bit of everything, and works as a driver and co-guide on most excursions.

Our Main Goal

Our main focus is to ensure our guests the best possible experience while visiting our spectacular islands

And at the same time preserve and protect our fragile nature, and all of its diversity